Thursday, October 31, 2019

Rose Glow Dawn

When dawn comes,
From the shadows, wild horses emerge,
Sometimes galloping en mass,
Sometimes meandering in small pairings,
Journeying near the dwelling, where the man and woman live,
Where oats and alfalfa cubes
     - an offering to the gods - will be distributed,
Along with words of praise and admiration.

A ritual.
With the unique East Bluff terroir enhancing the
Sensual qualities of perception.

Do the equines of Ravenseyrie delight in the rose glow dawn as much as I do?
I feel certain they are not oblivious to its charms.

   --L. Gerard

Saturday, August 31, 2019

That Certain Play of Light

That certain play of light,
That allure of ochre grasses, a thousand cricket songs and
   mystic mists,
That fragrant, mellow maturing of many things --
A demonstration that more is right than not right.
               -L. Gerard

Altamiro and Fidalgo

Garlic Harvester

St. Lawrence Apples 


The Ravenseyrie Crane Family

Getting through the drought period, island style

Ravenseyrie's Big Sky


Dried Summer, more precious than gold

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Listening, Not Talking

Inside me a hundred beings
are putting their fingers to their lips and saying,
"That's enough for now.  Shhhhh."  Silence
is an ocean.  Speech is a river.

When the ocean is searching for you, don't walk
to the language-river.  Listen to the ocean,
and bring your talky business
to an end...

Food prep, beachside, listening, not talking

Rumi's words serve to describe my state of being for a number of years now.  Stories of the equines of Ravenseyrie I hold in my head and heart.  Artful things, too.  Best I can do for now (this could change, as all things do) is share some photos once again, before July ends without a posting in this blog.

For readers who chance to find their way to the Journal of Ravenseyrie, I encourage you to enjoy the images and conjure your own words and descriptions that the sense of viewing may inspire.