Tuesday, June 30, 2020


(Interessado x Pinoteia)

We named him Capaz.
Capaz means "capable" in Portuguese.

Capaz is small, sized and shaped like a prehistoric horse and at times ugly like one imagines a toad is ugly (unless one is another toad!).

Capaz lost part of an ear during a "discussion" with one of the other stallions, adding to his less than sophisticated  appearance.

But in the wilderness of the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve, looks can be deceiving and Capaz is indeed quite capable of many powerful and beautiful moves, as can be seen in this video from a few years back:

This little toad of a horse has been as inspiring to paint as any of the others, whether my medium of choice be sumi ink or lakeshore stone.

Original Sumi-e by Lynne Gerard

Original Paleolithic-style rock painting by Lynne Gerard

There is more to this small stallion than what meets the eye and stories to tell - should I feel motivated one day again to share stories about these "wild" equines of Ravenseyrie.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

On Lifestyle Choices / The Dao

Sorraia stallion in early spring sunshine
on the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve

A comment was left in last month's blog entry by a reader with the moniker of "Joan of Arc".  This reader inquired:

"Lynne - can you disclose why you made the choice to live in the way that you do?"

A view of spring break up from atop the East Bluff on my bicycle commute to my studio on the bay (for optimum viewing select to play full screen):

And the answer to the question is:

I see the strength of the universe
And the fragility of mankind
Her Crystalline Soul
Paleolithic-style Rock Painting
by Lynne Gerard

I see the vulnerability of technology
And the reliability of Nature

Ravenseryie Potatoes

Dancing with prehistory and modernity
I looked to the Dao

Kevin's Daily Art Rack

It is intuitive, primordial
Infinitely sustainable

Waiting for spring

So I chose not so much to follow the Way
But to cease blocking it

Time for spinning

And found the Way is
Illuminated by love and beauty

Raven Over Ravenseyrie

--So there, "Joan of Arc", is my answer and I am grateful it is the same type of answer my husband gives.

Lunch with Kevin at Ravenseyrie

To "Joan of Arc" and all readers, I turn the question back on you:  "Why do you make the choice to live in the way that you do?"

Friday, March 6, 2020

Our Fifteenth Winter on The Manitoulin

Viewing the Zen Elm Over the Back of a Sorraia Stallion
Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve

Here am I
On The Manitoulin,
An island in Northern Ontario.

The Zen Elm

Living on a preserve with wild horses,
In rhythm with Nature.

Three Ravens in the Zen Elm

Mutual support
And admiration -
Husband, horses, elementals.

Breakfast at dawn for the wild boys
Late afternoon with some of the wild boys

Finding pleasure and sound health
In a way of living that is comparably austere
And difficult.

East Bluff Laundromat 

From inside looking out

Right where I want to be,
Thankful heart and soul,
100 times over.


Friday, January 31, 2020

Forever -- is composed of Nows --

Raven flying over the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve
East Bluff, Manitoulin Island, Ontario

There is a timelessness for me, living up on the wild East Bluff among the horses and working down in my studio on the bay within the human realm.  

Seasons come and go...That which was once young seems less so...and yet walking in winter fog among such elemental things - especially when away from the hum of humanity, one feels very much like the plants and animals feel...that there is no meaning in a calendar that says it is the year 2020 A.D.

This delights me!

This is endlessly inspiring!

This keeps me sane!

Contentment presided over by the Red Osier Dogwood and the Fog

In the distance, the Zen Elm, meditative as always

The Maples in their advanced age

What a idea for an abstract painting this presents!

Forever -- is composed of Nows --
'Tis not a different time --
Except for Infiniteness --
And Latitude of Home --

From this --experienced Here --
Remove the Dates --  to These --
Let Months dissolve in further Months --
And Years -- exhale in Years --

Without Debate -- or Pause --
Or Celebrated Days --
No different Our Years would be --
From Anno Domini's --

                -Emily Dickinson

View of the East Bluff from my studio down on the bay
Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island

From time not so distant...when the mares were home at Ravenseyrie