Saturday, April 25, 2020

On Lifestyle Choices / The Dao

Sorraia stallion in early spring sunshine
on the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve

A comment was left in last month's blog entry by a reader with the moniker of "Joan of Arc".  This reader inquired:

"Lynne - can you disclose why you made the choice to live in the way that you do?"

A view of spring break up from atop the East Bluff on my bicycle commute to my studio on the bay (for optimum viewing select to play full screen):

And the answer to the question is:

I see the strength of the universe
And the fragility of mankind
Her Crystalline Soul
Paleolithic-style Rock Painting
by Lynne Gerard

I see the vulnerability of technology
And the reliability of Nature

Ravenseryie Potatoes

Dancing with prehistory and modernity
I looked to the Dao

Kevin's Daily Art Rack

It is intuitive, primordial
Infinitely sustainable

Waiting for spring

So I chose not so much to follow the Way
But to cease blocking it

Time for spinning

And found the Way is
Illuminated by love and beauty

Raven Over Ravenseyrie

--So there, "Joan of Arc", is my answer and I am grateful it is the same type of answer my husband gives.

Lunch with Kevin at Ravenseyrie

To "Joan of Arc" and all readers, I turn the question back on you:  "Why do you make the choice to live in the way that you do?"


eva said...

Lynne, i am impressed, and yest not surprised, having gotten to now you a little bit over the past 10 years (or has it been 15?). There is NO argument against your lifestyle choice. Period. Except maybe: inertia, co-dependency, laziness, opportunism, the easy way out, comfort, old age, tiredness, weariness...

I can imagine that very little disruption from the global pandemic panic is reaching you, and that in itself is a compelling argument for your choice.

The question remains: HOW do you keep your firewood pile so tidy???? I did get a good laugh out of that one :-)


Lynne Gerard said...

Eva, thank you for your words and taking the time to write them.
You asked, "HOW do you keep your firewood pile so tidy????"
Kevin has been stocking that wood rack for our Jøtul stove for 15 years. Often it felt like a tiresome burden, but frequently we stop and admire it for its visual beauty and not just its capacity to keep us from freezing. About a year ago, Kevin began a sort of meditative, creative, mindful manner of filling that wood rack. We began to call it the Art Rack. It has become a thing of enjoyment and pride for him now. Funny thing is, it takes more time and effort to make the rack look so artful, but it no longer feels like daily drudgery for Kevin.
Perceptions are curious tools, eh? They can hinder and debilitate one or they can be immensely useful and bring great pleasure.

Joan of Arc said...

Thanks for your very thoughtful response. If you don't mind I wonder whether you would choose to live this way if you were alone/unpartnered.