Friday, March 6, 2020

Our Fifteenth Winter on The Manitoulin

Viewing the Zen Elm Over the Back of a Sorraia Stallion
Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve

Here am I
On The Manitoulin,
An island in Northern Ontario.

The Zen Elm

Living on a preserve with wild horses,
In rhythm with Nature.

Three Ravens in the Zen Elm

Mutual support
And admiration -
Husband, horses, elementals.

Breakfast at dawn for the wild boys
Late afternoon with some of the wild boys

Finding pleasure and sound health
In a way of living that is comparably austere
And difficult.

East Bluff Laundromat 

From inside looking out

Right where I want to be,
Thankful heart and soul,
100 times over.



Flora Eerschay said...

I love The Zen Elm. Reminds me of a row of trees which I pass when I go to work. There are two smaller birch trees in front, and one larger dark tree behind them. I don't know the name of the larger one. As I pass them, they align in front of each other and they look as if they were one tree.

Lynne Gerard said...

Flora Erschay, thank you for leaving your thoughts. I know what you mean about how when we are in certain positions it seems as if trees line up in a row, looking as if they were one tree. Always gives me a magical tingle. Special delights like that can be discovered in everyone's world, when not so preoccupied with human matters. Have a wonderful day!

Joan of Arc said...

Lynne - can you disclose why you made the choice to live in the way that you do?

Lynne Gerard said...

"Joan of Arc", here is my answer to your query: