Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Waiting Days

These waiting days, in anticipation of the last foal to arrive are filled with beauty and also a bit of trepidation. It seems my heart is in my throat too much, and I have begun worrying that Ciente's foal will be born too late and not be as robust as Fada and Animado are coming into the winter. I haven't seen the foal move in weeks...and I worry that something is wrong inside...and I worry there will be too many flies, or it will be too hot, etc...and Hardy chides me for faltering on my usual positivism. Both he and Kevin have much calmer minds right now than I--and I wonder just why it is that anticipating these beautiful births has me so agitated? Will it be like this for me every time there are foals expected???

I read up on Blogger troubleshooting, and after clearing my browser cache and "cookies" (whatever they are?) I find I am able to upload photos again. Here is the image of Ciente from last week that I'd been wanting to share:A very pregnant Ciente, grazing with Altamiro

This next image I like because it shows the many nuances of the grulla coloring:
Left to right: Fada, Animado, Bella and Ciente

On Tuesday, the herd had come up while I was working on dinner. I ran out with the camera and took a little movie of Bella, Altamiro, Ciente and Belina coming up to the fence to say hello. Altamiro is the chap in the middle, Bella is on the right of the frame and Ciente is on the left...Belina cannot quite get up as close as they are. One would be hard pressed to tell which is the purebred Sorraia, which is the Kiger mustang and which is the registered Spanish Mustang...they are all like peas in a pod, aren't they?

Yesterday, when the herd came up for morning oats (yes, whole oats now Jean!), Ciente's udder appeared much fuller. Later in the early evening, Kevin checked her for me while I was preparing dinner and he thought she looker fuller there as well. Then a peculiar thing began to happen...the other herd members became very curious about Ciente, each coming over to sniff her rear end. Bella didn't like whatever aroma was being exuded and began to ardently chase Ciente. Bella chased Ciente on and off for the rest of the evening until night fell. I didn't like this one bit, and neither did Altamiro, who often would intervene, but only for the chasing to start up again in a few minutes. It appeared that Bella didn't want Ciente to be with the herd. I feared for Ciente, thinking it wasn't good for her to be forced to run so much while in such a late stage of pregnancy. Kevin was typically more accepting, thinking they knew best and maybe this was something necessary. So we watched this until they quieted down after sunset. I thought by morning there would be a foal at Ciente's side--nope! Not yet...and when she came up for breakfast oats, her udder didn't look as full as it had yesterday...

These waiting days are weird and wonderful and worrisome...


Annemiek said...

Hi Lynne,

Oow, I do know how you must feel! I have been pregnant only once and Jennifer had decided she was perfectly happy where she was. In my womb! It was the summer of 1999 and the weather was so hot! I counted the days till delivery, and still she decided to stay where she was. Two weeks later, she stubbornly stayed where she was and I had to go to the hospital to get some help to get her out. I remember those weeks all too well: Does she still move? Why doesn’t she kick? Is that a contraction? O no it’s not! Do I feel different today? Will she come out today?
And during those last 2 to 3 weeks, Hans and my mother would call several times a day: “Feel anything yet?” Hahahaha, I was worried sick, and so was Hans and my mom. In the end she came out all right; a beautiful baby, strong and healthy. So the waiting was worth every minute of it.
Now you have to wait, and I know how you must feel. Do you have a name for this new baby jet? You have to wait and see if it is a boy or a girl of course, but I am so curious what exotic name will pop up this time!!
I wish you all the best Lynne, I hope this waiting will be over soon and there will be another beautiful Sorraia baby to love and cherish!


Lynne Gerard said...

Thank you for commenting and for letting me know that my worries and concerns are natural to any mother-to-be...even one like me, who is not actually the one who is pregnant!

Ciente is still holding out for the right time to deliver. Its so nice and cool here right now, I think it'd be a super day to have a foal. Later it may get beastly hot and buggy again. But she gets to choose the right day and when she does, you can be sure it will be posted in the journal!