Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Titans Clashing!

Titans Clashing!

A question was posed in a comment to my last journal entry that I will use to introduce this latest offering.  

"How are the other boys doing at Ravenseyrie?"

Fabulous, I would say!  

Perhaps a video would show you what I mean better than words do:



The Art of Helen Siksek said...
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The Art of Helen Siksek said...

Look at that friendly sea gull flying along with them!

Lynne Gerard said...

Nice you have left me comments here. Of course YOU would notice the gulls! You've done soooo many paintings of them. Now you will have to contemplate painting gulls with Sorraia horses. ;-)

Keep up the good work and see you soon.

Annemiek said...

Lynne, they look spectaculair! And so happy! I would say a lot of paintings are in order! If you can find the time, I would love to know a little bit about the dynamics in the Bachelor group. This must be such a joy to watch! Thanks for sharing.