Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Mushing to a Song

In the dim dawn

In the dim dawn,
Mushing to a song in my mind from bygone times -
 -Loving that flute!
And the limbs of Poplar at the edge of the forest
And the grullo forms of Altamiro and Fidalgo
On this beautifully bleak Winter's day at Ravenseyrie.
"Didn't it feel good?"
Yes, it did!
     ---L. Gerard

The grullo forms of Altamiro and Fidalgo

Limbs of Poplar

At the edge of the forest

On a beautifully bleak Winter's day

At Ravenseyrie

Special thanks to Joni Mitchell for her song Help Me


Joan of Arc said...

Nice to see your post. :)

Lynne Gerard said...

Thank you "Joan of Arc". It felt nice to make the time to put it together.
I didn't think anyone was reading this nearly forgotten blog anymore, so i really appreciate you comment.
Have a beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

We are all slowing down it seems, but I still like to stop by here occasionally for a gem of beauty, this was a nice post with the music.


Annemiek said...

Not forgotten Lynne, we just need to check it out every once in a while 🤗 When we do, a wonderful window to your world opens en we can enjoy the beautiful world of Ravenseyrie ♥️

Lynne Gerard said...

Hello Eva and Miek!
So pleased you both poke back into the Journal of Ravenseyrie occasionally and discover that maybe I've managed to cobble together something new for reader/viewers to enjoy. Thank you for jumping through the "I'm not a robot" hoop so that I could receive your messages.
Winter's Best to you and yours!