Saturday, August 31, 2019

That Certain Play of Light

That certain play of light,
That allure of ochre grasses, a thousand cricket songs and
   mystic mists,
That fragrant, mellow maturing of many things --
A demonstration that more is right than not right.
               -L. Gerard

Altamiro and Fidalgo

Garlic Harvester

St. Lawrence Apples 


The Ravenseyrie Crane Family

Getting through the drought period, island style

Ravenseyrie's Big Sky


Dried Summer, more precious than gold


Joan of Arc said...

Glad to see all looks well.

Mary Ann Crayton said...

I love seeing the horses having fun in that horrible weather and think of all of the horses that are kept in the barn and wear blankets when they go out. Thank you for sharing.

Lynne Gerard said...

Mary Ann Crayton, did you mean for this comment to be posted in my "Wild Horses in Freezing Rain" entry?
Watching the Ravenseyrie horses in a wilderness habitat has taught me much about their amazing capacity to adapt to all weather conditions. Thank you for your comment!