Monday, October 6, 2008

Grulla Variations, A Race Horse in the Wilderness and Zorita Too

Interessado and Fada are looking rather similar in color as their sleek summer coats begin to thicken up for the upcoming winter months. These two foals of Altamiro's are so far rather black grulla , even darker than Altamiro's coloring. Both Bella and Belina are dark variant grullas as well, but the combination of Altamiro and Bella produced a much lighter variation of grullo in Animado--who is almost as pearly as Zorita. Ciente falls in between--she is lighter than Bella, Belina and Altamiro, but darker than Zorita. The grulla color is hard to pin down...the alterations in the light of day turn their colors to smoke, or lilac, or sepia, or charcoal, or straw or pearly depending on where they are in the landscape. How fascinating, these many hues of grulla on these primitive horses!

Altamiro and Zorita move across the Scant Field on their way to the forest.

Zorita, looking especially light colored against the edge of the forest.

One more view of Zorita, looking as lovely as ever and very much at home at Ravenseyrie.

Now, before presenting this energetic video clip showing the high spirited herd enjoying a brisk October day, I'd like to point out a few things which ought to enhance your appreciation for what you will be viewing.

The long grasses hide from our eyes the depressions, holes, rocks and hard-matted tussocks which trouble these horses not one jot, such is the natural balance and sense of footing these wilderness horses possess. And lest you think it is just the primitive horses that excel so amazingly at galloping over rough, unpredictable terrain...witness the ease of the big copper Thoroughbred, Zeus (our own "thunder god") who seems so totally delighted in the sheer joy of his mighty beingness that we are equally swept up on his enthusiasm. This is the type of racing every Thoroughbred horse ought to experience!

Now Zeus is rather devoted to Mistral, and carries on as if he is Mistral's second in command...what do you suppose he was saying to Mistral by circling back and kicking up his heels in Mistral's direction the way he did?

And Bonnie--did you see your Zorita at the front of the group of grullas near the end of the clip? What fun she is having here--and how much we appreciate her presence among the herd. She is doing great, gaining thickness to her hair coat and maintains a charming relationship with Altamiro despite being quite beyond her ardent heat cycle. She definitely fits in as if she was meant to be here.


Kris McCormack said...

I think Zeus was saying to his friend, Mistral, "C'mon, catch me if you can....." :-) Zeus looked very pleased with himself as he easily overtook the others.....

Lynne Gerard said...

I agree that Zeus was likely throwing out a challenge to Mistral...knowing full well that as strongly as the famous French Mistral wind can blow, it is no match for the Thunder God, Zeus!

Mistral has given himself over to mellower days again, now that he's accepted Zorita's presence, and often, the old, magnificent gelding is keeping company with the foals. He's even developed a low nicker he uses just for them.

Who would have thought!