Friday, October 3, 2008

The King Plays With the Peasant Children

Just a quick entry to start October with.

It is as if Zorita has always been here, she has integrated so well into the herd. Mistral has mostly given up hazing her, and only occasional will pull an "ugly face" while advancing in her direction. Even with her heat cycle completed, her paramour, Altamiro, continues to intercede on her behalf should Mistral look as if he is up to no good. We'll get some more photos of Zorita taken over the weekend, along with all the other good looking herd members.

Last evening was comical...and I wouldn't have believed if I hadn't seen it for myself. The old curmudgeon, Mistral, was in such good spirits that he was seeking connections with the foals and taking time to play with them!

Here...look at these scenes of Mistral and Animado:

After Animado decided he'd rather graze, Mistral, still feeling frisky, went over to see if Interessado might want to play. This caught the youngest colt by complete surprise and in our next video clip you will see Interessado attempt to make himself very small along with showing Mistral all the appropriate gesticulations an underling does when accosted by the presence of an elder.

At one point, Mistral, squeals and strikes out with a foreleg, but the expression on his face is not the least bit threatening. It appears almost as if Mistral struck out as he did for the sheer amusement of watching Interessado dash off. He later goes over to have further conversations with the youngster...who, understandably remains uncertain of what the old gelding is up to. In the end, Interessado decides he'd much rather come over and see what pleasures of scratches and massages the lady behind the camera might have for him.

In the 24 years Mistral and I have been together, he always surprises me with the 1001 nuances to his complex character. As his long time friend, it brings me immense pleasure to see him enjoying life with the herd on a chilly October evening. And I'm so thankful Mistral has forgiven me for adding another primitive horse to his fiefdom here at Ravenseyrie.

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