Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Morning Medicinal

With the 2008 tourist season behind us, I am now on "off season" hours at my studio & gallery, which means I have both Sundays and Mondays off!

Two weeks back, I celebrated the beginning of my off season hours by hanging out with the dozing herd. I have been meaning to post a journal entry using these photos ever since, but the drama of Zorita's arrival and integration trumped all else.

At any rate, there have been readers who have inquired how the foals are doing, and these photos reveal a bit of how comfortable they are with the autumn weather. Even with some unseasonably warm weather we've been having, the flies and biting insects are rather irrelevant this time of the year, and the herd gets to enjoy long, languishing nap sessions as well as lengthy, undisturbed grazing time.

Spending time with the herd like this is quite medicinal and creates a marvelous feeling of connection and timelessness. What a pleasure to enjoy early autumn in this manner!

Interessado naps snugged up next to his beautiful mother, Ciente

Jerry and Dee enjoy their own napping space

Zeus hasn't succumbed to recumbency, and naps standing up, with Doll grazing nearby

Animado looks quite comfy

As does the adorable Fada

Fada seems a little surprised when I sit down next to her

But she soon realizes I'm just another being seeking a little sunny nap

Interessado has woken up, and probably is hoping for a snack

Ciente isn't getting the message, so Interessado becomes a bit more insistent

I'm hoping to catch some moments like these today as well, this time with Zorita hanging out among the group too. There are now eight primitive horses (all grulla colored) in our herd, along with two domestics and three draft mules. The landscape is looking all the more lovely for their presence here at Ravenseyrie.

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