Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Enchantress

(Sorraia x Sorraia Mustang)

Yesterday's journal entry was rather sober and heavy, so today I wanted to share some photos and a short movie clip that I took of Encantara a couple of days ago, shortly after a nice spring rain. A little wetness, a bit of mud detract not one bit from her darling primitive Iberian essence.

She's utterly captivating.

I find all the horses have this capacity to take me out of myself and wrap me up in their splendid timelessness.

Should I never ride a horse again (though I do hope to) or train along with any of these grullas in haute école, it is enough to be absorbed by their presence.


eva said...

Lynne, I am totally smitten by this little fairy. She looks like one of those little child prodigy ballet dancers. Totally absorbed in her movements and yet aware of the human eye that envelopes and admires her. She radiates and glows. She is destined for great things....

Spanish Sulphurs said...

Is this foal out of Zorita?

Lynne Gerard said...

Eva, I'm totally smitten, too. I am, still totally smitten with Animado, Interessado and Fada as well (new photos to come in the next day or so). Encantada is so already poised that it takes my breath away. You must know a part of me wants to forget about spreading the great combined genetic material Altamiro and Ciente, Bella and Belina have created and instead just keep everyone here until things cannot be harmonious--and then use contraceptions so that no more come and what is already here is sustainable. And another part of me thinks that other people's lives will evolve and be enhanced by these horses in ways that I have yet to imagine. It is not right to hoard and keep to oneself rare jewels...I am not the only person who can allow a horse to live a splendid existence...nor is the wilderness of Ravenseyrie the only wonderful place to be. But when I feel the muzzle of Fada exploring my face I do wonder how can I part with her? And it is the same when Interessado presses next to me for a shoulder itch and arches his long elegant neck like an haute ecolé Lusitano or when Animado falls asleep while I am grooming him--it is hard to imagine a day without them. Is this what mother's feel when their children move away???

Kim, no...Encantara is not out of Zorita. We're expecting Zorita to foal in August.

Thank you Eva and Kim for taking the time to post your comments.

Spanish Sulphurs said...

In regards to this filly, what is her breeding? We all know that this forum is in regards is Sorraia bred horses and the horses that are believed to be "Sorraia" influenced (which we all know due to history is absolutely impossible. For those that do research of course). So, I must ask what is the pedigree of this filly? She shows at this age to to better that than just a Sorraia from Portugal.

Lynne Gerard said...

The "pedigree" of Encantara is no secret, but you might have to work at it a little bit, Kim, to find it within the variety of journal entries of this blog. I could just type it out here for you, but that would deny you the pleasure of researching it for yourself.

(Hint, check entires which contain the label, "Belina".)

Kris McCormack said...

The little newbie is a charmer, Lynne. I was immediately smitten with her, too. She has such presence for one so young. I find that quality incredibly attractive. I have a small polaroid snapshot of my Khemo when he was just a few days old and he shows that presence too. :-) She's a very special girl. :-)

C said...

Absolutely beautiful.

Annemiek said...

Ooh Lynne, she is lovely! I could look at her all day.

marisela gould said...

Dear Lynne,
There are so many many thoughts when I see your pictures. I won't go there because it goes beyond my intellectual reach. I enjoy also ve ry much your choice of words when you talk of them. It gives me peace to know you exist.
Thank you for being.
Fondly, Marisela

Lynne Gerard said...

C, Annemiek and Marisela,

Thank you for your recent comments regarding this journal entry.

I am not aware of how many readers there are of the Journal of Ravenseyrie, and of those I am aware of, only a few are people I actually "know"...but it doesn't overall desire is to share the beauty of Ravenseyrie and also discuss things regarding the Sorraia and Sorraia Mustang horses as well as learning new ways of interacting with them.

It is very gratifying to know that sometimes these efforts to share things dear to me touch the lives of others in beneficial ways.

I appreciate your comments very much.