Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yearlings in Springtime, Shedding Off Winter

Left is Bella and to her right is her 2008 colt Animado

We have been experiencing a very chilly and wet spring here on Manitoulin Island. The much appreciated rains have transformed the landscape into one huge sumptuous smorgasbord of edibles and the herd is sometimes so absorbed in a good grazing groove they don't show up for breakfast oats.

The ever present wind feels cold, and I am glad that the younger equines have been taking their time shedding their winter coats. Though Kevin and I have been surprised to need a fire in the stove in the mornings and wool sweaters when out doing chores, the low temperatures and shivery winds have kept the black flies and mosquitoes hiding out in the nooks and crannies of the forest. Only occasionally are we and the herd running and swatting to get away from the biting insects.

Interessado, son of Ciente (Kiger Mustang) and Altamiro (Sorraia)

The yearlings are definitely getting sleeker, bit by bit, and revealing exquisite Iberian forms. I thought I'd share some photos of them taken over the past few weeks.

First up we have Animado (Altamiro x Bella):

Here Animado plays with Interessado

Next up is Fada (Altamiro x Belina):

And here is Interessado (Altamiro x Ciente):

This year, Interessado is shedding out so black that his dorsal stripe is no longer visible.

When Altamiro was a yearling, there were times when he would look older and wiser than his actual age...and other times when an almost foal-like expression would remind me that he was still very, very young. It is just like that with each of these half-Sorraia yearlings and it is a true joy to be able to watch them "shape-shift" into elegant forms with yet baby-like expressions. I wonder if Altamiro and the mares are enjoying the transformations their kids are experiencing?
Fada with her sire, Altamiro

Back to front: Altamiro, Belina, Fada, Encantara

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Wow! I am a total fan of mustangs and these pictures are wonderfull!