Friday, February 26, 2010

Noteworthy Blogs / Kristina McCormack's Blog*, Words About Horses

My heart breaks open in horizontal blue
Listening to Raven songs echo beyond the far...
---Sharp inward breath--Behold!
Sometimes aloneness is lovely and transcendently right.

I have chosen a semi-hermitic existence here on Manitoulin Island and I hoard my time like a medieval miser.  I divide my day between writing, art, horses and the poetry of living with my husband Kevin.   This has provided me with the freedom to  explore non-ordinary elements and open myself up to learning from non-traditional sources.

Dawn came again, with you as chosen witness--
This is a gift!
Use the day wisely
Follow the path with heart
All elements of today hold potential illumination.

The essential solitude I wear like a cloak and I pull it tightly around me--yet, I am not deleteriously insulated or isolated.  I have a rich garden of friends and virtually fly to many corners of the world where sharing and learning can take place.  I sometimes don't know exactly where the wind is taking me, but I trust in it providing good things. 

To go beyond, you must leave where you are.
With trusting wings fly boldly into the vast unknown,
Believe that wherever the wind guides you is exactly where you need to be.

The vast unknown can sometimes feel like a place where no like minds exist...but when you believe in goodness prevailing, you discover there are many people like yourself--people who have taken the side road, and they have marvelous things to share about their own journey into the unknown.

From time to time, I will use the Journal of Ravenseyrie to introduce readers to other blogs, websites and books that have made my reclusive existence quicken with inspiration and a sense of belonging.

My longtime friend, Kris McCormack has been not only a fellow sojourner on my equestrian path, but she has continually and cleverly placed life-changing books in my hands over the past 15-16 years.  I cannot imagine where I would be without her influence, her support and her willingness to share of herself.
 Kristina McCormack

With the launching of her own blog, Words About Horses,* Kris has left the safety of her private  tree bough and now generously shares her depth of experience and insight with the entire world.  I'm sure we will benefit as much from Kris' writings as we have from her diligent translations of the writings of other sensitive horsemen and women.  In addition to being a fine author, Kris has grown to be quite adept at capturing beautiful compositions with her camera, which will also help provide an enjoyable experience for blog readers.
*The name of Kris' blog has changed, after discovering her first choice of titles was trademarked by another website.

We are so fortunate to have this means of connecting with people who share similar perceptions--and it is a way for those, such as myself, who "don't get out much" to feel well traveled, if only in the world of ideas.  Thank you, Kris, for the gift of yourself you are providing with your blog and thank you for the many years of friendship.

 Kris McCormack's equine teachers, Khemo, Desna and Kochet


June said...

Beautiful paintings!
Thanks for sharing the link to Kris's blog.
And I think the "isolation" you describe is a creative isolation - good things come from a space like that.

Barbara Weber said...

Stunning paintings, and thoughtful writings, Kris what an inspiration!
Barbara Weber MD