Thursday, May 15, 2014

Space to Fly, Room to Run

This morning it was blustery, rainy and magically inviting.  Green rubber boots, yellow slicker, plastic bag over my camera - out went I...

The bachelors were moving from one windbreak to another, having to make a dash straight into the wind driven rain.  Probably it is crazy to try to take photos in the pouring rain!  But the scenes were such an exhilarating mix of energy mingling with tranquil, subdued colours, I had to try.  Most were improperly focused...but the feeling nevertheless was captured, maybe all the better for it.

When I see the cranes fly, my mind feels free.  When I see the horses running, my heart knows expanded joy.  

All around there is space to fly, room to run.  How thankful I am to live in a place such as this, and share it with this bachelor group of "wild" horses.

"People by and large have been kind to horses when it served a human purpose, but when kind treatment did not serve a human purpose, treatment has been sometimes unspeakably cruel.  History teaches us about horses, but it tells more about the nature of humans."
--J. Edward de Steiguer

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eva said...

Glad to see that spring is finally arriving at Ravenseyrie. There is nothing like that first green, and oh so short. Good to see the gang in top shape. Love your new banner and your zen painting!