Monday, May 12, 2014


The most recent thundershowers, followed by high winds seem to have fully released the landscape from the oppression of winter.  And now the greening begins!  How ebullient the horses are!  Some kept a condition of good flesh during the toughest winter I've ever experienced, others will be filling back in nicely now that rich early grazing is presenting itself almost everywhere.  Perhaps the muse who inspires me to write in this journal will return...until then, I believe I will simply offer up daily photos - some from Ravenseyrie and some of our mares who are living down Tehkummah way at Twinravens.  The Journal of Ravenseyrie blog is not dead!  We just are gaining a feeling for what winds will now be much has changed, nothing seems the same...

Silvestre and Interessado, full brothers (Altamiro x Ciente)

Interessado, not a true black - but a black grullo 

Young Studs


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Don'Qui said...

you all got well through your hardest winter, apart from the overload of rain we had the faintest ever, i guess....