Monday, June 16, 2008

Rocks That Speak

My cyber friend, Eva, from California happened upon some images of my work that are posted on the Manitoulin Fine Arts Association website:

Two of my rock paintings are featured there, and Eva wrote that the Raven (as seen above) "spoke" to her, and as it happened to be her birthday today her husband was interested in purchasing this artwork as a gift for her if it was available for sale.

Eva, I wish this raven could fly across the continent to you--but he sold earlier this year and is no longer with me. To make up for this, I am dedicating this quick journal entry to you and wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

The way the Raven rock spoke to Eva, is exactly what an artist hopes will happen when her work is viewed and it is especially so for me, because I infuse my work, even the simplest greeting card with the love and admiration I feel for nature and the well being I wish for all things...humans, plants, animals...and yes, even the ravenous mosquitoes!

On a day when I have time to do the thing properly, I will share in this blog how I came to paint upon these marvelous rocks. For now, I will simply say that, like what Eva experienced, when I first beheld these lovely rocks (which I find down on the Ravenseyrie beach) they "spoke" to me. These ancient rocks have been sharing intimate conversations with me ever since, and I owe them much respect and gratitude for what they have brought into my life.

For now, I will simply close by sharing two more Raven paintings and also one of my poems featuring Ravens which serves as one more wish for a splendid birthday for Eva.


Why not dream in expansive, extravagant ways?

Why not engage in flights of fancy?

Become one with the Wind, like Ravens do,

Unlearn learned limitations,

Embrace a new awareness,

Live enthusiastically!

"Raven With Sun and River"

1 comment:

eva said...

Hi Lynne,

Thank you for your Birthday wishes and posting some more of your rock creations. It is too bad that my favorite bird flew away, but i can certainly understand why he didn't last long.

Although they are all exquisite in their own way, this particular painting expressed to me the true PRIMITIVE essence of ravenness.