Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Self-Aware, Empowered Sorraia

Sorraia stallion, Altamior (left) with his four year old son, Silvestre (out of Ciente)

 The morning rain had dampened down to a light drizzle as I hiked along, under my umbrella, out to where the bachelors were grazing in the northwest sector of the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve.

On the left is the yearling Gosto (out of Bella) and on the right is Destemido (Interessado x Fada)

Most walks in the rain are accomplished with my bright yellow rain slicker and seaman's hat...but on that day I wanted a broader protection so that I could wield my camera and take some photos of the horses looking so fresh and sleek.

The sight of their Lynne, topped by a bobbing black, oddly shaped round-wing-like appendage may have had the Sorraias wondering if I had begun a transformation into a Raven.

Yearling stud colts front to back, Fidaldo (out of Belina) and Sedutor (out of Zorita)

My "shape-shifting" proved to be utterly astounding to them and provoked a delightful dance between fear and fascination.

Sorraia stallion, Altamiro (right) and his impressive young sons and grandsons

How stunning these Sorraia stallions are...yearlings, two year olds...and of course Big Daddy himself, Altamiro, as well as those affable geldings (sons of my dear Ciente) Interessado and Silvestre.

In the foreground are the full brothers Interessado and Silvestre

The summer speeds by with very little opportunity to properly write in this Journal of the very least, I give to readers these images to remind you that the safeguarding of the Sorraias continues on Manitoulin Island.

The Sorraia Mustang mares, living now at Twinravens will be featured in the next entry in the Journal of Ravenseyrie

Though the "boys" and the "girls" now inhabit separate preserves, they nonetheless continue to enjoy the freedom of wide-open spaces wherein they maintain their exquisite expressions of self-awareness and empowerment and are "free to be".

In the foreground are Gosto and Interessado

Legado (Altamiro x Zorita)

The yearling, Capaz (Interessado x Pinoteia) stands alert and full of poise!

Sedutor and Altamiro

Silvestre and Altamiro

 A self-aware, independent, empowered horse moves in majestic carriage and with elevated paces.  His bearing is powerful but nevertheless light, springy, and elastic.  He radiates a joy in being alive and his enthusiasm is catching.  His collection never results from dominance or hierarchy.  It comes from the feeling of being free and in full possession of his own power.  Only a self-aware, empowered horse is able to carry himself in this way.  --Imke Spilker

Front to back:  Fidalgo, Capaz, Legado and Sedutor