Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Sorraia Stallion Destemido Inspires a Ravenseyrie Fine Art Greeting Card

Destemido Striking Capaz
Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve

This article first appeared in my Ravenseyrie Studio & Art Gallery blog on 19January19.

Destemido - Fearless One
Original Sumi-e by Lynne Gerard

The majority of the painting and writing I do is influenced and inspired by elements I find very close to home.  Living on the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve assures that a number of the works seen in the gallery are of noble equines.

As I work on building up the webpage for my Fine Art Greeting Cards, I have been taking photos and typing up descriptors of the many card designs I offer in my gallery.  These cards come under different categories, for example, "Birthday", "New Baby", "Just Because", etc. and are each printed, assembled and hand detailed right here in my studio on the bay.  

I also offer Christmas and Holiday Cards, but mostly these are in a different type of card style requiring less handwork and are grouped within the webpage I've titled, Fine Art Notecards.

I do however have two Holiday/Christmas cards that I have made that are of the same style as my Fine Art Greeting Cards (not yet listed on the webpage, but soon!)  One of these holiday cards features a reproduction of an original sumi-e (ink painting) I did of one of our stallions who was born on the preserve.


The stallion's name is Destemido.  Destemido means "fearless" in Portuguese and is an appropriate description for this one-eyed, undersized, scrapper of a guy.

Destemido lost his left eye in an injury sustained when he was a young foal.  He has also lost part of his left lip during a fight with one of his siblings. 

Destemido, the one-eyed wild Sorraia stallion

How expressive, even without an eye!
None of these issues seem to handicap Destemido and he carries on with all the verve and bravado one would expect from a wild stallion, perhaps with a dash more expressiveness than the other horses in an effort to make up for his smaller stature. 

Destemido in the lead

Whatever it is, Destemido is fun to photograph and paint and is actually quite soft and gentle around my husband and myself.  We admire him, even if over the years he has caused quite a lot of mischief.  

  A video I put on YouTube with Destemido showing off for his grandsire, Altamiro:

Destemido and Gosto
black and white photo study

To see the full line of Fine Art Greeting Cards I make that are for sale in the gallery, please click on their webpage at the top of this blog.