Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Images

The August Moon Over Ravenseyrie After Sun-up

At the present time, 
Since I could bring no offering, 
See Mount Tamuke! 

Here are brocades of red leaves, 
As a tribute to the gods. 
                                            --Sugawara no Michizane

Here August is almost September and I have really no good offering for the blog - not for lack of ideas, but for an inability to compose things in a fashion that lives up to the magic of the Sorraia horses and Ravenseyrie.  So, like Sugawara no Michizane's poem, please accept these glorious August views in lieu of a proper descriptive entry in this Journal of Ravenseyrie.

I get lost in scenes like this one...when the Cedar Tree and The Sorraia seem to mimic each other:
Sorraia Stallion, Legado

It is easy to feel one lives in an enchanted place when rainbows are frequent visitors:
Rainbow over Ravenseyrie

Back in August of 2012, day two of a young Sorraia colt named Capaz (Interessado x Pinoteia)...trying hard to find an escape from pesky, pesky flies:

How special it feels to be walking out over the range and have a Raven circle overhead:

Back in August 2013 for this glimpse of the young, awkward Sorraia stallions and the older boys in their favourite shady spot with a good breeze helping keep the flies from completely tormenting them:

Bi-coloured manes on both light and dark grullo stallions at Ravenseyrie:

Light Grullo, bi-coloured mane

Dark Grullo, bi-coloured mane

A new mineral block gets delivered to the Ravenseyrie mares living on the Twinravens range - how quickly they made use of it!

August 2016 has been splendid and deserves more of a salute than what I've put together here - perhaps I will do better at composing a more descriptive article for September's journal entry...I'm thinking about it already and that's a good sign!