Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sorraia Foals in Austria, Two More!

Sorraia mare, Boavista and the sleeping foals of Aktivstall Mauerbach in Austria

Another filly and another colt have been born on the Aktivstall Mauerbach ranch in Austria and it is such a delightful thing to see Claudia's herd grow so beautifully.

Tocara, one of the Ravensyerie mares, had her first foal, a lovely filly who was given the name "Epona".

Sorraia Mustang, Tocara, with her filly, Epona by Sorraia stallion, Grelo
Aktivstall Mauerbach, Austria

And Boavista delivered a nice looking colt who I believe has been given the name "Batista".

Sorraia colt, Batista out of Boavista by Grelo
Aktivstall Mauerbach, Austria

Claudia is still waiting on one more foal for this year, from Annie, a Pryor Mustang mare of Sorraia type.

Congratulations to Claudia and many thanks to her for her huge contribution to the conservation of the Sorraia and Sorraia Mustang horses!