Elemental tea ceremony on the Ravenseyrie beach

Brew some tea, decant some wine, give yourself some time to explore Ravenseyrie through an assortment of our videos.  

Gore Bay and the East Bluff, where the wild horses
of Ravenseyrie live!

Hear the sounds, feel the wind and the poetry of the horses under the wide open sky.  Feel the exhilaration of a wild stallion chasing birds.   

Altamiro chasing a seagull on the East Bluff at Ravenseyrie

Let the tranquility of the Manitoulin Island landscape infuse you with a sense of well being.  

Walk in beauty, 
live in love. 

The family band on the Ravenseyrie beach 

Ravenseyrie Sorraias - Ondas do mar de Vigo

Genetic Migration in the Conservation of Sorraia and Sorraia Mustangs

Sorraias at Quinta do Sol

Sorraia Bachelor Stallions 2017

Ravenseyrie Mares Autumn 2017 

Ravenseyrie Mares in January 2017

Ravenseyrie Studio & Art Gallery

Altamiro!  Sensational Sorraia Stallion

Sorraias in Springtime

Sorraia Stallions Standoff

Just Be

Sorraia Stallion Chasing Birds

Sorraia Bachelors - Joy of Being

Sorraia Stallion Chasing Seagulls

A Virtual Tour through the
Ravenseyrie Studio and Art Gallery

Self-Portrait Practice in Charcoal


Angie said...

What a wonderful way to share your love of nature. I am so pleased that your heart if so filled with love and joy. Keep the videos coming, I will look forward to future glimpses of tranquil moments.


kentaur8 said...

Please email address give me!
I would like to send a letter!

Warm hug andrew

kentaur8 said...
andrew madocsai