Saturday, April 25, 2020

On Lifestyle Choices / The Dao

Sorraia stallion in early spring sunshine
on the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve

A comment was left in last month's blog entry by a reader with the moniker of "Joan of Arc".  This reader inquired:

"Lynne - can you disclose why you made the choice to live in the way that you do?"

A view of spring break up from atop the East Bluff on my bicycle commute to my studio on the bay (for optimum viewing select to play full screen):

And the answer to the question is:

I see the strength of the universe
And the fragility of mankind
Her Crystalline Soul
Paleolithic-style Rock Painting
by Lynne Gerard

I see the vulnerability of technology
And the reliability of Nature

Ravenseryie Potatoes

Dancing with prehistory and modernity
I looked to the Dao

Kevin's Daily Art Rack

It is intuitive, primordial
Infinitely sustainable

Waiting for spring

So I chose not so much to follow the Way
But to cease blocking it

Time for spinning

And found the Way is
Illuminated by love and beauty

Raven Over Ravenseyrie

--So there, "Joan of Arc", is my answer and I am grateful it is the same type of answer my husband gives.

Lunch with Kevin at Ravenseyrie

To "Joan of Arc" and all readers, I turn the question back on you:  "Why do you make the choice to live in the way that you do?"