Tuesday, June 30, 2020


(Interessado x Pinoteia)

We named him Capaz.
Capaz means "capable" in Portuguese.

Capaz is small, sized and shaped like a prehistoric horse and at times ugly like one imagines a toad is ugly (unless one is another toad!).

Capaz lost part of an ear during a "discussion" with one of the other stallions, adding to his less than sophisticated  appearance.

But in the wilderness of the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve, looks can be deceiving and Capaz is indeed quite capable of many powerful and beautiful moves, as can be seen in this video from a few years back:

This little toad of a horse has been as inspiring to paint as any of the others, whether my medium of choice be sumi ink or lakeshore stone.

Original Sumi-e by Lynne Gerard

Original Paleolithic-style rock painting by Lynne Gerard

There is more to this small stallion than what meets the eye and stories to tell - should I feel motivated one day again to share stories about these "wild" equines of Ravenseyrie.