Saturday, December 17, 2016

When Winter Softly Breathes

When Winter softly breathes
I feed the "wild" horses in the big wide open -
A reprieve from many days sledding hay to the forest
When the wind was so mischievously biting.

When Winter sighs gently,
Austere hardships seem less so. 
I sit in the snow, lingering after chores
Simply to enjoy how splendid the morning feels.

Jerry, the draft mule continues to hold his own among the Sorraia stallions.

When Winter shows tenderness
I am less unsettled on the days it does not.
Winter in the wilderness has taught me to open up to the beauty of its many moods
And Kevin whistles whether the wind howls or whispers. 

How thankful we are for this place, these horses, this life!

Since spring, Zeus, our aged Thoroughbred gelding, has been living in the holding pasture after the stallions gave him a very nasty beating.   He made a marvellous comeback, but has shown no interest in returning to the wild where those Sorraia beasts live.   Zeus had one friend among the Sorraias bachelors, Destemido, who now shares the holding pasture for the winter.