Friday, January 20, 2017

Elemental Lives

Esperanda! (Altamiro x Ciente)

A primal scream, nostrils flared, neck arched, an eruption of equine energy
Of snow and wind and freedom of expression for all.
Inhale and savour
Unbridled beauty!
The Tao.
The way of free range horses!

Wilderness out my door,
Winter number twelve,
The austerity of this way of living has altered my perception,
Expanded my manner of being,
Is much preferred to the modernity of the city and human domination of day and night.

Here the elements rule - neither kindly nor unkindly,
Free from pretension, 
Stimulating ancient stirrings of innate cooperation, capability, creativity,
A flow of beginnings and endings and new beginnings.

How rich life is!

Earlier this month, during one particular two day "snow and blow", a lessening of the conditions prompted the horses to come out of the forest and into the open, coming up near our dwelling where Kevin was preparing a toboggan load of hay for me to bring out to them.

But the storm was not finished!  The roaring, bitter wind and snow intensified.  And the horses ran back to their forest shelter, knowing I would soon arrive, knowing I would spread out enough dried summer for all...knowing no storm lasts forever... 

When you begin to see through the eyes of horses you will enter another world.  In this world, laws more ancient than ours are in effect.  Existence is clear and uncomplicated.  Every step into this world lets us sense more deeply, breathe more freely.  A quiet rhythm encompasses this life.
    --Imke Spilker (from her book, Empowered Horses)