Saturday, June 29, 2019

Summertime Dream - Sorraia Bachelor Horses on the Run

A rescued Venus sculpture, weathering on our north deck

It is not my nature to wish away winter, but our Manitoulin winter began so early and lingered so long and was so relentlessly harsh, I admit, while shovelling in bitter winds, I would sometimes dream of summertime...
Red Osier Dogwood in bloom
...and now, that summertime dream has come true.  Want to see?  Today I offer up a series of photos of some the bachelor Sorraias engaged in mad gallops and wide-jawed chases.  Our youngest stallion, Ousado, has for two years now claimed the two geldings, Silvestre and Interessado, as his "mares".  Occasionally, one of the other stallions (usually Legado, aka, "The Pistol") will attempt to "steal" the geldings away from Ousado.  When that happens, Ousado repels the challenge handily and then sends his "mares" on runs, often with high aggressive ardour - as if to remind them who they belong to!

Ousado rounding up Interessado (foreground) after Legado (right) made an attempt to "steal" Interessado away

Ousado driving Interessado and Silvestre
Silvestre and Interessado (full brothers) often move in this side by side manner when being driven by Ousado

At one point Interessado got separated from Silvestre and Ousado
Ousado chasing Silvestre

Ousado and Silvestre

Ousado and Silvestre
Ousado and Silvestre

It was a long chase!
Ousado chasing Silvestre - look how wide horses can open their jaws!
Ousado's "mares" reunited
Capaz, followed the chase at a slower pace
Some of the other stallions got to running, too, just because the day called for it
Fidalgo and Capaz had their own high spirited "talk" while the chase was going on

A rescued Bacchus waterspout, weathering on the west deck, watching the wild horses' wild actions