Monday, January 31, 2022

First Day of January and Last Day of January


Out on a walkabout on New Year’s Day, I was delighted to be met on the fringe of the forest by my old friend, the Sorraia stallion, Altamiro.

It had been my intention to angle myself back to where I had seen the horses and stop to hand out some alfalfa cube “cookies” I had in a pouch I was wearing.  Altamiro must have read my mind because he met me before I had even gotten back across the preserve to where the horses were keeping on that afternoon.  But, much as I would like to think that this handsome gent came to see me because he likes me and wanted to have a one-on-one visit apart from the others, I know that he really came because he knew I was packing treats.  Even still, a starstruck groupie of such a rock star of an equine can pretend otherwise!

And today, on the last day of January - some of Altamiro’s sons can be seen soaking up the warm sunshine after many days of deep chill here on the Ravenseyrie Sorraia Mustang Preserve.  All is well!

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